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자유토론 Flight Volunteer Needed to bring a furry friend home

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작성자 Sara
댓글 0건 조회 278회 작성일 20-07-20 21:07


Hi lovely people,

I am looking for a flight volunteer to bring my adopted Jindo from Seoul, Korea to Toronto. My husband and I adopted a rescue dog, Hyojoo (her pictures and information can be found here https://www.freekoreandogs.org/adopt/hyojoo/), through Free Korean Dogs based in Toronto. However, due to the COVID situation, the adoption agency is having difficulties finding volunteers to bring the pup to Toronto. Although there are direct flights between the two countries, we were told that Hyojoo may not be able to come until September or October. :(( But if we could find a volunteer, the adoption agency will be able to bring more rescue dogs like her to their forever homes.

If you know anyone who is flying from Seuol to Toronto by the end of July or early August, please contact me (wt1991t@gmail.com). All the paperwork of bringing Hyojoo will be prepared by the adoption agency and given to the volunteer before boarding. ** no fees and no hassle**  The volunteer only needs to pick up the crate at luggage claim when landed and present the papers and go through customs. The adoption agency workers and us will be meeting the volunteer atspreadrport. Please help me spread the words :)) Thanks!!


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